Finding Work: How Able-Bodied People Manage

Trying to find work sometimes is akin to a dentist pulling a wisdom tooth with really deep roots; it is very difficult. If you are an able-bodied person in dire need of work, there are many good, honest jobs to be had if you know where to look. Here are a few options to get you started. 

General Labor Consulting Agency

This type of agency recruits anyone who can work, lift heavy items, and is willing to learn new job skills. New job skills can include anything from moving appliances to using a table saw and a nail gun. You will have to locate this type of labor agency where you live, but there is almost always one such agency in every city and town. If there is a lot of construction going on where you live, then you should definitely be able to find this type of agency near you. It is used by both people looking for work and by those looking to hire workers for general labor jobs

Light Industrial Work

Light industrial work generally includes testing various products and preparing those products for fellow employees to test. The pay is often very good, although the work can be tedious and repetitious. Additionally, the work usually only lasts as long as the research project is in operation. The company that hires you for this temporary work will tell you that the work will last from your start date to an end date weeks or months into the future. The work may also be terminated without notice if the company feels that it has accumulated enough test results to support the claims for its products. Still, some work for really good pay is better than no work and no pay at all. 

Driving Around and Looking for Signs

This time of the year (i.e., late summer), more and more employers are looking to hire Christmas help. They will hire mid- to late August, and then have you work several shifts each week until just after Black Friday. At that point, you will work full time until after the new year. If you are lucky, the employer will request that you stay on as a regular employee, in which case you will have found and secured more permanent work as a result of getting in the door for seasonal help. Even restaurants where you regularly dine will be looking for help now.