In College? Two Signs You May Not Be Headed Toward The Right Career Path

When it comes to career planning, the ideal time to start is while you are still in college. During this time of your life, you often still have the flexibility to change your major if necessary and you likely do not have any significant financial obligations, so there is room for comfortable change. 

So, if you do not think you are heading in the right direction, career wise, now is an excellent time to get on track. Learn about some of the telltale signs that might indicate you are headed in the wrong direction.

1. You Hate Going to Classes

If going to your major course classes is a chore, but you seem to perk up when it is time to go to an elective, you may not be on the right track. Major courses are not necessarily 100% connected to the roles and tasks you will be required to perform once you begin your career, but they are often closely aligned. 

If you do not like to do the work in class, there is a large chance you will find it equally unfavorable in the workplace. If you find that electives focused on a certain topic seem to hold your interest more, it might be a good idea to explore career options in that area.

For example, if you are a biology major, but your psychology electives get you excited, you might want to explore options in the psychology field.

2. You Could Not Wait for the Internship to End

If you have completed at least your first year of undergraduate education, you may have been given the option to participate in an internship. 

When it comes to career planning, internships are one of the best tools you have in your arsenal because they give you a hands-on account of what life in a particular career field is like. If you participated in an internship for an area where you plan to work one day and did not like it, it is not a good sign. 

You know you are on the right track when you participate in an internship and you are sad to see the program end. It might be time to do a little strategizing about what your long-term career wants, and demands are to reshape your plans.

If you are like the average person, you probably do not have any idea where to begin, but there is no need to worry. Grab your smartphone, headphones, and tune in to a career path motivational podcast for some direction and encouragement.