4 Reasons To Outsource Program Evaluation Services

The program evaluation process is not an easy one. By definition, program evaluations are focused on assessing the worth, effectiveness, and efficiency of particular programs. They provide complex information that must be organized, categorized, and accounted for in order to properly complete the task at hand. Outsourcing these services allows program managers to focus on execution instead of evaluation.

Here are four reasons program managers should consider outsourcing program evaluation services.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

The amount of information program managers must sift through during the program lifecycle can be staggering. Staying on top of program metrics, analyzing performance data, and reporting results may become difficult for program managers who lack the time or necessary training. By outsourcing program evaluation services to a program management company, program managers can keep their focus on execution while evaluation becomes the concern of an outside company.

Impress Clients with External Expertise

Program evaluation tasks can be time-consuming for program staff, especially when the program is short on personnel or resources. Organizations that outsource program evaluation services are typically able to respond quickly to client needs because program evaluators are remote employees who can begin work immediately. When you outsource program evaluation services to an external program evaluator, your clients will also be impressed by the impartiality and expertise that an external program evaluation company can provide.


When you outsource program evaluation services, you are able to take advantage of the expertise and experience program evaluation companies have in this field. Program evaluations are not easy to do by yourself. It takes time, energy, and expertise that most people who run programs don't have. By engaging an independent evaluator, you can sit back and relax while an outside company does the program evaluations for you. Additionally, program evaluation companies have many years of experience in program evaluations, which means they know what they are doing.

Retain Quality

Professional program evaluators have many years of experience in program evaluation procedures. If you are an agency with limited resources and program evaluation is not part of your program's regular operations, finding the right program evaluator in-house can be difficult. When you outsource program evaluation services to an external program evaluation expert, you can be guaranteed that there are no gaps in expertise or understanding of program evaluation procedures.

The Bottom Line

Program evaluation services are a must for program success. If you want to make decisions based on solid information, program evaluations are essential. But you may not have the time and expertise to conduct highly technical program evaluation studies. Fortunately, these services can always be outsourced.

For more information on program evaluation, contact a consulting company near you.