3 Scenarios Where Companies Hire HR Consulting Firms

HR consulting can help businesses deal with an array of problems. You might not quite know, however, if your situation calls for bringing in some HR consultants. if you're thinking about hiring a firm, compare your organization's situation to one of these three common scenarios where operations ask for outside HR help.

Too Small for an HR Department

The simplest reason to ask for HR consulting assistance is that your business just isn't big enough to have a full-time human resources team. Especially if your enterprise is getting started or expanding, you may need some assistance putting processes in place. HR consultants can help you define job roles, establish criteria for candidates, and develop templates for forms. They also can devise promotion criteria, complaint processes, and review systems for ongoing maintenance or growth needs.

Moving from small to big can also be a challenge. Suppose a startup is moving out of the early phases and into becoming a more traditional company. As it gets away from lean and agile hiring and employment processes, it has to move toward a more structured approach to human resources. Where the complaint process might have once involved walking down a hall to talk to the boss, for example, the HR system will create a formal structure.

Restructuring HR Processes

Even if a business has an established HR department, it may need assistance with a specific project. Suppose a company is expanding its IT capabilities during a digital transformation. Also, the company is retiring some obsolete positions. It needs to have new processes for both situations, and it needs to implement them with minimal operational, financial, and legal friction.

In some cases, the company even may have to rebuild its HR department to account for the changes. Any firm facing this scenario should ask for independent advice to ensure everyone will adjust well.

Temp Hiring

A company might have to make temporary hires during a project, for example. Consequently, it will need a process for incorporating the temps into the human resource system.

Likewise, the company will need to address questions about what happens to temporary staff members when the project wraps up. This may include a bridge for transferring the best temps to permanent jobs. Similarly, there may be concerns about unemployment benefits for folks who aren't retained.

Companies that expand due to seasonal cycles also frequently face these issues. HR consultants, though, can help such organizations plan to handle the intake process so they can have temporary team members in place at the right times.