Software That Will Streamline The Hiring Process

Deciding who is the best fit for a particular job opening may currently require that you conduct many interviews. The use of a pre-employment testing and background check platform will streamline the hiring process.

Pre-Employment Testing

A platform can be used to prepare test questions that each job applicant will need to answer at the onset of responding to a job opening. The test questions will determine an applicant's cognitive ability, motivation level, and personal interests. Based on the answers that an applicant furnishes, a score will be given. This score will indicate a job applicant's potential.

Background Checks

Automated background checks are conducted quickly and accurately. After the preliminary testing phase is complete, an employer can hand-select the applicants with the highest scores. They can use a software program to check each applicant's credit report and verify documents, references, and qualifications.

The use of an automated check will require that an employer prepares a survey. A survey is used to compile specific information about each applicant. An applicant will be required to complete and submit the survey. Afterward, an employer can use an online check to verify the information that an applicant has furnished.

Record Keeping

The use of testing and background check software will allow an end user to record pertinent information. All of the details that pertain to the testing process and background check process will be recorded in a database.

If an employer decides to hire one or more of the applicants, they will always have the opportunity to review information about the employee at a later date. This will help an employer keep updated about their employee's skill set or previous job experience.

A Consultation

If you think that using a pre-employment software program could support your hiring efforts, consult with a distributor of a program that is of interest to you. You will receive guidance with setting up a program and using it at your place of business.

You will also be advised on ways to prepare test questions or survey questions that will allow you to learn a lot about each person who applies for a job opening.

Paperwork Reduction

Once you begin using pre-employment software, you will not need to rely upon printed applications and other types of paperwork. The reduction in the amount of paperwork that you will need to prepare and file can be time-saving and money-saving.

Reach out to a company that offers pre-employment background checks for more information.